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Wanderlust  [won-der-luhst]


 1. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

No one exemplifies a sense of wanderlust quite like Daytime Emmy® Award-winning TV personality, author, and avid explorer Todd Newton. Recognized by millions as the former co-host of E!'s popular travel series Wild On, TN takes viewers coast-to-coast and around the globe with his exciting new YouTube channel, The Tattooed Traveler™.


"Not long ago I got a tattoo in Budapest that reads I Want To See It All in Hungarian," says Newton. "That holds true as I'm always intrigued by experiencing new cultures, tasting new foods, and meeting new people. Embedding myself into places where I don't speak the language or understand the currency...I find that absolutely exhilarating!"


When he’s not in front of the camera or behind the microphone of his syndicated radio show, the man Entertainment Weekly calls “smooth and personable” hits the road and documents his journeys to share with the world. Recent excursions include Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, London, Bangkok, Las Vegas, New York City, Key West, Mexico, and many more. 


Whether you're planning your next excursion or seeking to set your business apart with a unique and influential sponsorship opportunity, we invite you to tag along with one of today’s most colorful and charismatic hosts.


The Tattooed Traveler™ is your First Class ticket to fun and adventure! Coming soon to Roku, Amazon Fire, and Smart TV.

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