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Once in a great while, a radio show comes along that doesn't just reach the ears of its listeners, it becomes a part of their daily routine. The Todd Newton Show with Maria Todd is that show.

Hosted by Daytime Emmy® Award-winning TV personality Todd Newton (E! Entertainment Television, VH1, Gameshow Network) and Texas Radio Hall of Fame talent Maria Todd (KRBE Houston, KHKS Dallas),  the tan, tattooed connoisseur of conversation delivers  compelling talk, interviews, and laughter each weekday on great stations across the country and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“We heard you say that sometimes you just need the right daypart show. So we’ve broken out a heavy lineup of bottom-line-building personalities.  If Rent-a-Radio is just not working for you, give us a call at SuiteRadio for a show that gets noticed!  The Todd Newton Morning Show is just one of four new daypart programs,” said SuiteRadio COO Pat Fant.

As the radio world constantly evolves, a show that your fan base can connect with is much like a favorite pair of blue just never goes out of style. For listeners and advertisers alike, The Todd Newton Show with Maria Todd is always on point. 

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